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If every one refuses to see proof, how is it possible to expose flaws in scientific foundation & blatant violations of scientific processes/rules?

Exposing tacit assumptions having errors at the root of any deeply entrenched paradigm is one the most complex tasks for any scientist, but when successful results in a real scientific revolution and unprecedented scientific advancements. The geocentric paradigm is one of the classic examples for such paradigm that has evolved from tacit assumption “the Earth is static”.

A tacit assumption is an assumption no one consciously aware of its existence and/or not documented to educate subsequent researchers.  That is, many concepts and observations are created and documented by relying on the tacit assumption (may be without even consciously aware of the tacit assumption). These early concepts and observations would become foundation for constructing (i.e. evolving) mankind’s perception of reality, for example, by adding more and more concepts and observations by the research efforts of successive generations of researchers. That is, mankind’s perception of reality evolves and expands over time as more and more concepts and observations are added by relying on these foundational concepts and observations.

Please review Figure-1 in this web page that represents the mankind’s perception of reality up until 500 years ago:

This perception of reality (i.e. geocentric paradigm) had been evolved for nearly 2000 years and by the efforts of thousands of astronomers and philosophers. This perception of reality consists of (and/or supported by) thousands of observations and concepts. All these concepts and observations consistent with each other and paint a perception of reality that is consistent with the Figure-1.

But unfortunately there existed not even a single accepted or documented concept and/or observation in support of reality painted by the Figure-4 until 500 years ago. The figure-4 represents the perception of reality exists today. Of course, today there exists thousands of concepts and observations consistent with each other and paint a perception of reality that is consistent with the reality represented by Figure-4.

Almost each and every concept and observation of geocentric paradigm contradicts existing heliocentric paradigm. Likewise, almost each and every concept and observation of heliocentric paradigm contradicts geocentric paradigm. In other words, one can find a dozen observations or concepts of geocentric paradigm to contradict any of the concepts and observations of heliocentric paradigm.

Hence how is it possible to start presenting heliocentric paradigm? Whichever concept one can possibly pick in heliocentric paradigm can be discredited by a dozen widely accepted concepts or observations of then deeply entrenched geocentric paradigm (and conventional wisdom). In fact, saying “the Sun is at the center” offended the common sense (and conventional wisdom). In this hostile and inhospitable conditions, how is it possible to show proof?

One must be willing to spend considerable time to investigate the truth by analyzing the observations and concepts with open mind, where each of the concepts and observations fills a piece to paint the perception of reality for the heliocentric model. No research paper can present even single concept (that only paints a piece – a small part) backed by observations, especially when a dozen concepts or observations of deeply entrenched conventional wisdom contradict the piece (i.e. a small part painted by the concept backed by observations).

Furthermore each piece must be backed by physical evidence (e.g. predictable results from repeatable experiments or observations). Unfortunately most researchers refuse to see such experimental results, even in the 21st century. Kindly recall Galilio’s famous letter to Kepler in year 1610:

"My dear Kepler, I wish that we might laugh at the remarkable stupidity of the common herd. What do you have to say about the principal philosophers of this academy who are filled with the stubbornness of an asp and do not want to look at either the planets, the moon or the telescope, even though I have freely and deliberately offered them the opportunity a thousand times? Truly, just as the asp stops its ears, so do these philosophers shut their eyes to the light of truth."

Is there any wonder, it took over 100 years for gestalt shift from geocentric paradigm to heliocentric paradigm? Please see the chronology of the events that illustrates the complexity for such gestalt shift:

How could Galileo expose the error at the root of geocentric paradigm, even if Galileo has spaceship (instead of Telescope) to take them outer space to show planetary paths in time-lapse motion, if fellow philosophers refuse to even talk to him. Apparently this kind of behaviour frustrated many other great scientists such as Max Plank how said “science advances one funeral at a time”, father of dark matter Fritz Zwicky referred many of his colleagues as “spherical bastards” and of course Einstein’s famous quote about infinite human stupidity.

I have been facing the kind problem to expose flawed tacit assumptions at the root of now deeply entrenched software engineering paradigm. It is highly frustrating, because I have been struggling to show proof for many years and almost every researcher refused to see physical proof: The real software components that are absolutely essential for real COP (Component Oriented Programming) for achieving real CBSD (Component Based Design for Software).

For example, software researchers absolutely have no clue what is real CBSD, but insist that it is impossible. How can they blindly insist without even trying to know what is the essence and nature of real CBSD:

Researchers of Computer sciences are practising very bad science by blatantly violating scientific principles, processes and rules:

I contacted many research organizations (e.g.,, and SEI/CMU) requested many times to give me an opportunity to demonstrate physical evidence (e.g. GUI applications built by literally assembling real-software-components, which are created by using our GUI-API). Today no other GUI-API is capable of creating such real-software-components, because no one else in the world even know what real software components are and what real CBSD is. I even told them that, they can take legal action against me, if I am wrong. As a responsible researcher, I feel, I must sue the organizations for being negligent and abdicating their basic duties and obligations, but unfortunately I can’t afford such a law suit.

I am beginning to think, I might not be able to expose the erroneous tacit assumptions of computer science that are at the root existing deeply entrenched software engineering paradigm and CBSE. If I fail, I believe, no meaningful lasting progress is possible in the field of real CBSE. I feel, exposing the error transforms computer science in to real science, which I feel is essential for many other discoveries and disciplines such as real Artificial Intelligence. For example, basic sciences are not real sciences until exposing the error at the root of geocentric paradigm and exposing the error resulted in transforming basic sciences into real sciences.

The basic scientific principles, processes and rules were created and perfected for past 400 years to guide the research for real sciences. No real science can violate the proven scientific principles, processes and established rules. But unfortunately researchers of computer science blatantly violating the principles, processes and rules by using unsubstantiated excuses such as software is unique and/or different. It is hotly debated, weather the computer science is real science or pseudo-science.

In pseudo sciences like, economic or social sciences, it is not possible to follow scientific principles and processes. I am sure, computer science is not real science because it is blatantly violating basis scientific processes and principles. However computer science can be a real science, because it is possible to follow the basis scientific processes and principle. But unfortunately researchers ignoring my best efforts to make them aware of blatant violations of scientific principles and processes. Almost every one refused to give me an opportunity to present sound reasoning backed by irrefutable physical evidence. Isn’t it gross negligence, especially if they are working for national agencies such as and, who are appointed to position of responsibility for actively seeking disruptive scientific discoveries that can result in huge scientific and technological advancements?

Best Regards,

Raju Chiluvuri

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